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Greatest Hits of TCS (or This Really IS a TCS Blog, I Swear!)

This semester Prasad Raghavendra is holding a course called Theoretical Computer Science’s Greatest Hits.  It seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun! Anywho, I thought I’d keep you folks all up to date and give a synopsis … Continue reading

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Bowie In Berkeley

In my last post I gave my little tribute to David Bowie.  Now I want to drop him in Berkeley and see how he’d fare. I spend a lot of time (maybe too much time) thinking about how to navigate … Continue reading

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He’s Told Us Not To Blow It…

…’Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile -Starman (David Bowie) David Bowie meant a lot of things to a lot of people.  I’m trying to find out what he meant to me.  I’m trying to find out how and why his … Continue reading

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Well, Obviously…

So there was a math professor lecturing to their class.  The class had just started but they were already getting into some heavy-duty stuff. No more than five minutes into the class, some smart-ass pipes up, interrupting the professor’s unfurling … Continue reading

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