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Greatest Hits of TCS: SL=L

Alright!  As promised, here’s the first of the Greatest Hits of TCS. To kick it off, Prasad Raghavendra presented Omer Reingold’s celebrated result of SL=L.  Prasad not only gave a beautiful tour through the work and threw some great perspectives … Continue reading

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My uncle died yesterday.  From obesity and depression.  But mostly from living in a culture where asking for help is a sign of weakness and emotional needs are strangled with stigma. So, this post is in memory of my uncle.  And, … Continue reading

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Two Horses’ Asses

Uh-oh… Have I learned nothing from seeing Scott Aaronson repeatedly vilified for posting about sociopolitical views to the point that he created a whole category for the posts that set inflamed readers at his throat?! And I don’t even have … Continue reading

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