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The Little Prince in 2017

The Little Prince had two main things to worry about on Asteroid B-612. One was to uproot baobab trees.  And the other was to tend his rose. If he didn’t uproot the baobab trees, the results would be a catastrophe … Continue reading

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Cold Off The Press!

Big news!  It looks like Laci Babai has a quasipolynomial time algorithm for Graph Isomorphism (GI). That is, GI has jumped from the best known algorithm being almost exponential, to being almost polynomial! But, of course, you probably already heard … Continue reading

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These Western Concerns

I was trying to strategize about what my second blog post should be about. To give my blog some sort of legitimacy, I felt that I should write about some topic I’m studying or something impressive and catching.  Or at … Continue reading

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