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Greatest Hits of TCS: SL=L

Alright!  As promised, here’s the first of the Greatest Hits of TCS. To kick it off, Prasad Raghavendra presented Omer Reingold’s celebrated result of SL=L.  Prasad not only gave a beautiful tour through the work and threw some great perspectives … Continue reading

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A Circuitous Parable

Last week I accidentally built a bookcase that didn’t fit my bed.   Obviously, that sentence doesn’t make sense.  Do you know what else doesn’t make much sense?  Research. Actually, research does make sense.  In fact, it makes perfect sense … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup

Computational complexity theory is math putting us mere mortals in our place. Complexity theory got off to a bizarre, albeit beautiful, start.  Birthing from Hilbert’s majestic notion that, for mathematics, there is no ignorabimus, the race was on. The race … Continue reading

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